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Sai coil

Saionara coil details :

Coil head wire                      Resistance Recommed setting

Dual ribbon twist kanthal wire coil 0.25ohm        18~25w/ SS TC

Stainless steel coil                0.25ohm        Best 15w, 330F or SS TC

Clapton wire coil                0.65ohm        18~25w or SS TC

Dual titanium coil                0.45ohm        Best 25w, 440F or Ti TC

Triple titanium coil                0.31ohm        Temp control mode

ceramic donut coil                0.7ohm        Temp control mode, 22w, 300F

Ceramic barrel A                0.5ohm        7~15w VW SS Mode/ TC mode, better for wax oil

Ceramic barrel B                0.5ohm          7~15w VW SS Mode/ TC mode, better for hemp oil


Coil rod                    Pros/Cons

2mm/4mm Quartz rod            Offers clean, hard hits, can be cleaned back to like new condition, larts longer life

2mm/4mm Black ceramic rod    Larger hits, keep the ceramic saturated/coated to slow it from breaking down

4mm rod coil with bigger cloud than 2mm rod

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